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Scaled-down smoking ban clears first legislative committee

Publication Date: 2005-01-27
  • Author:Tom Scheck
  • Publication:Minnesota Public Radio

A modified bill that would ban smoking in Minnesota restaurants has passed a committee in the Minnesota House. Opponents succeeded in narrowing the scope of the bill from its original form, which would have banned smoking in all indoor public facilities.

St. Paul, Minn. — Supporters of smoking ban legislation have reason to breathe a little easier with approval from a legislative committee. It's the first test of support for a ban at the Capitol since last session. And in that period, there has been a growing movement among local governments to sharply limit smoking in public places.

However, opponents of the provision are also breathing a sigh of relief because the bill isn't as strong as originally written. The House Health Policy and Finance Committee amended the original bill, which would have banned smoking in almost every indoor facility. Instead, smoking would only be banned in bars and restaurants that sell more food than alcohol.

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