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Editorial: Smoking ban doing just as it should

Publication Date: 2005-05-18
  • Author:Editorial
  • Publication:Lincoln (NE) Journal Star
Columbus, Ohio and Austin, Texas, each had smoking bans on the ballot this month. The outcome of those referendums should be instructive for Lincoln as the Capital City continues to debate its prohibition of smoking in the workplace...

 Lincoln bar owners are now complaining of lost business like their
 Columbus counterparts did. The rejection in Ohio is evidence that the
 broader public, while sympathetic to the businesses, still favors getting
 smoke out of bars and restaurants.

 Given that 62 percent of Lincoln voters approved the city's ban last
 November and that the ban has only been in effect since Jan. 1, it is far
 too early to make any change in the local ordinance.

Nor does a change appear to be merited. The ban has worked, clearing the
 air in bars, restaurants and other public places of smoking, making it far
 more pleasant for non-smokers to go see a band or have a meal and
 lessening the health risks for workers at those establishments.

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