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Poll: Public supports bans on smoking, open containers

Publication Date: 2005-05-30
  • Author:Allison Farrell
  • Publication:Montana Standard
Montana voters strongly support new laws that ban open containers of alcohol in vehicles and prohibit smoking in enclosed public places, a new Lee Newspapers poll shows. . . .

The Legislature also passed the statewide smoking ban after several cities around the state had approved local smoking bans. Bars and casinos are exempted from the ban for the next four years, which will give them time to adjust to the measure. Many bar and casino owners opposed the ban, claiming it would hurt their business.

Support is also strong for a new state law that bans smoking in enclosed public places. While the law goes into effect Oct. 1, bars and casinos are exempt rom the law until 2009.

Seventy-one percent of those polled said they support the statewide smoking ban, while 25 percent said they oppose it and 4 percent were undecided.

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