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Philip Morris and the Hospitality Industry

Publication Date: 1995-12-09
Bates Range: 2045517337/7347

This document describes the Accommodation Program from Philip Morris (PM) as "...a link between PM and the hospitality industry. Our ability to interact effectively with the hospitality industry is critical to our ultimate objective, which is to maintain the ability for our consumers to enjoy our products in public venues...This relationship becomes even more important as legislative threats continue to mount at local, state, and federal levels." The memo describes how the Accommodation Plan will be implemented and expanded, and used to influence the hospitality industry to support PM's legislative agenda, including enacting preemptive state legislation. States will be divided into Class A, Class B, or Class C, depending upon the extent of clean indoor air legislation already in place. Class C states would receive the most intense efforts to repeal strong clean indoor air laws, where Accommodation Program resources "...will be re-directed toward supporting whatever organization needs to be created to have an impact. The New York Restaurants Opposed to the Ban, or the Nassau County Coalition Against Unfair Government Intrusion..."

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