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Huckabee Make Plans to Reduce Second Hand Smoke in Arkansas

Publication Date: 2006-03-22
  • Author:Christina Muñoz
  • Publication:KATV Channel 7 (Little Rock, AR)

In a special session set to start in early April, Law makers will look at legislation banning smoking in both work and public places. Governor Huckabee introduced the Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act of 2006 Wednesday. An initiative he says will protect Arkansans from second-hand smoke.

(Governor Mike Huckabee)"There's no health benefit whatsoever to second-hand tobacco smoke, and there is irrefutable evidence that second-hand smoke is in fact a toxic harmful substance."

And with that begins the campaign for the Arkansas Clean Indoor Air Act. It’s a proposed bill that would ban smoking in all public places, including places of employment and restaurants.

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