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Amendment on governor's terms defeated: House passes bill requiring restaurants to post smoking signs

Publication Date: 2007-02-03
  • Author:[na]
  • Publication:Roanoke (VA) Times & World News

With a solid majority, the House of Delegates on Friday passed a bill that would prohibit restaurants from allowing smoking unless they post signs informing customers of their policies.

House Bill 2422 passed by a vote of 74-22. Del. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, said he hopes his bill will create pressure on restaurants to ban smoking. Griffith, the House majority leader, opposes a broad ban on indoor smoking that is under consideration in the Senate, and has said he will strike his bill if the Senate attempts to make it more restrictive.

Griffith's bill would require restaurants to post conspicuous "Smoking Permitted" signs at each public entrance if they allow smoking. It also would eliminate a requirement that restaurants have nonsmoking sections. The bill calls for fines on smokers and restaurant owners who violate the restrictions, and a misdemeanor charge for a third offense.

The Senate will vote next week on a bill aimed at banning smoking in most indoor public places.

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