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How does a smokefree Oregon sound?

Publication Date: 2007-03-26

Do you like the idea of 100% smokefree workplaces in Oregon?

Senate Bill 571 is a strong smokefree workplace bill that would include all restaurants and bars. The bill will be voted on this week in the Oregon Senate. This is a long overdue and important step. Everyone deserves to work in a workplace that is free from the health hazards of secondhand smoke exposure.

We need your help TODAY to help achieve a smokefree Oregon!

Will you help?

1) Please call your Senator TODAY. In the Salem area, the number is (503) 986-1187. If you live in Oregon, but not in the Salem area, the number is (800) 332-2313. It could be the most important few minutes you spend today.

2) You can also email your Senator.

3) Ask them to "Please support SB 571, the Smoke Free Public Place Law." You will likely just be leaving a message, which is just fine. Every message will be counted!

We must make sure that our Senators understand that their constituents (that's you!) overwhelmingly support making all Oregon workplaces 100% smokefree. Thank you!

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