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Lawmakers nearing deal on smoking limits

Publication Date: 2008-04-01
  • Publication:Public Opinion Online

Key lawmakers said today they are nearing a deal to put more limits on public smoking in Pennsylvania, but they delayed voting on a proposal for at least four weeks.

A House-Senate conference committee is eyeing a plan drafted by Rep. Ron Miller, R-York, to allow establishments to permit smoking only if they meet certain conditions.

Businesses, casinos and fraternal clubs that want to allow smoking would have to prominently post signs indicating they are smoking establishments and meet air-testing requirements that have yet to be determined. Children would not be allowed inside those smoking establishments.

Smoking would be banned in all indoor places that don't meet the testing mandate or don't choose to post signs declaring that smoking is permitted.

Miller said his plan, which is not yet finalized, is aimed at attracting enough votes to clear the Legislature while protecting children and workers from second-hand smoke.

"I don't believe we can get a 100-percent ban passed," Miller said. The conference committee met for nearly 90 minutes this morning but adjourned until April 29.

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