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Legislature unlikely to revisit ban soon

Publication Date: 2009-03-19
  • Publication:Dubuque Telegraph Herald

Schueller says casino 'cash cows' keep attempts to change the law from debate

When it comes to Iowa's hit-and-miss smoking ban, Dubuque-area lawmakers who voted against it last year say what you've got is what you'll get.

Unless the courts send it back to the Legislature, they agree the current law banning smoking in bars and restaurants -- but not in casinos -- will stand as attempts to change it die of neglect in legislative committees.

Rep. Tom Schueller, D-Maquoketa, said majority Democratic leadership is not about to let anyone tinker with the law for fear of disturbing the gaming industry and revenue it creates for the state.

Schueller characterized casinos as "cash cows" and said proposals introduced this session that would impact those businesses were assigned to legislators who didn't want to bring them up.

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