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"I've learned from experience that as soon as I'm identified as a representative of the Tobacco Institute, I lose all credibility. They just sneer us away... so I try to work behind the scenes whenever I can."

Ron Saldana
Tobacco Institute


All indoor and partially enclosed workplaces and public places in Hawaii are 100% smokefree, including restaurants and bars. The law went into effect on November 16, 2006. Read Hawaii's 100% smokefree law.

Hawaii continues to take action to protect residents, workers, and visitors from secondhand smoke exposure. In 2014, Hawaii prohibited smoking in all properties owned by the state Public Housing Authority. In 2015, Hawaii prohibited the use of e-cigarettes in all smokefree spaces, and extended smokefree protections to state parks. In 2016, the grounds of Hawaii Health Systems Corporation facilities went smokefree.

Prior to the state law, local laws lead the way, with nearly 83% of Hawaii residents living in a county with a strong 100% smokefree law for indoor workplaces or restaurants. The new statewide law is an important step forward to protect those people who were not covered by a local smokefree law.

HI smokefree sign

For more information on the law, visit Hawaii Smokefree or Tobacco Free Hawaii.
To report a violation, fill out an online form.

Hawaii law does not preempt the passage of local smokefree laws. Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Hawaii.

Current tobacco-related statistics are available from the Centers for Disease Control's Tobacco Control State Highlights, 2010.

Hawaii's 2018 Legislative Session: January 17 - May 3

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