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News Summaries for Minnesota
Smoking ban takes effect10/2/2007
Smoking ban a month from implementation8/30/2007
A good day for Minnesota5/17/2007
Governor signs statewide smoking ban into law5/16/2007
Votes put smoking ban in the governor's hands5/12/2007
Smoking ban clears Senate, on its way to final passage5/11/2007
Vote on statewide smoking ban likely this week5/10/2007
Legislature / Panel agrees smoking ban should start this summer5/9/2007
Statewide smoking ban passes in House4/27/2007
Local exemptions could extinguish support for statewide smoking ban4/25/2007
Health group criticizes House version of smoking ban4/23/2007
Statewide smoking ban OK'd in Senate3/28/2007
Casinos: The last frontier for smoking?3/27/2007
Smoking ban vote likely in state Senate today3/27/2007
Smoking ban advances without liquor tax break for bars3/15/2007
House panel passes bill to ban smoking statewide3/2/2007
Smoke ban plan restored to near its original form2/27/2007
Smoking ban headed to Senate floor2/27/2007
Smoke break: Senate committee says local bans won’t be allowed2/21/2007
Panel OKs smoking ban with escape clause for ventilated bars2/19/2007
Time has come to pass smoking ban in Minnesota2/15/2007
State smoking ban survives first hearing2/6/2007
Hundreds Gather at the Capitol to Support a Statewide Smoking Ban1/30/2007
New Survey Finds Majority of Minnesotans Support a Strong Statewide Smoke-Free Law1/18/2007
Statewide smoking ban likely.1/17/2007
Smoking ban goes for round 21/15/2007
Hutchinson spells out health care initiative8/14/2006
State smoking ban remains on agenda4/1/2005
EDITORIAL: Minnesota should breathe life into smoking ban3/31/2005
Research Anticipates a Healthy Boost for Local Smoke-free Restaurants3/31/2005
County prefers statewide ban3/28/2005
Statewide smoking ban is a public health priority3/17/2005
EDITORIAL: Time to end restaurant smoking3/12/2005
Taverns and private clubs fight smoking bans3/11/2005
EDITORIAL: Where there's smoke there's no backbone3/9/2005
Minnesota smoking ban chokes3/3/2005
Health Coalition Urges Lawmakers to Adopt Anti-Tobacco Measures That Support Minnesota Families3/1/2005
Barometer: The smoking ban2/27/2005
Smoking ban bill squeaks through Senate committee2/21/2005
Forum editorial: Minnesota is close to clearing air2/10/2005
Panels accept smoking ban bills2/9/2005
Minnesota Senate Considers Smoking Ban2/8/2005
Amended smoking ban faces hard road2/6/2005
Editorial: Get serious/Protect all workers from smoke2/2/2005
Scaled-down smoking ban clears first legislative committee1/27/2005
Smoking ban for restaurants passes first legislative committee1/27/2005

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