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News Summaries for Ohio
Dann asks court to review smoking ban in private clubs2/15/2008
Chamber pushing state ban of smoking11/30/2007
Some pols want to revise smoking ban11/25/2007
Strip Club Referendum Could Be Alone On Statewide Ballot8/8/2007
Cates: Cigar bill intended to start talks7/19/2007
Smoking ban foes fail to get enough signatures for vote6/12/2007
State will seek smoking-ban exemption for private clubs5/27/2007
Private clubs no longer exempt from smoking ban5/1/2007
Smoking ban starts May 14/17/2007
Bill tinkers with Ohio’s smoking ban4/3/2007
Smoking may be allowed in some clubs3/22/2007
State delays smoking ban12/8/2006
Ohio's 'No Smoking' notices go up Thursday12/4/2006
Clubs probe for loopholes in smoke ban11/26/2006
Ohio says `Snuff it out'11/8/2006
Gov. Taft urges passage of Smoke Free's Issue 511/4/2006
'No' to Issue 4, 'yes' to Issue 5...11/2/2006
AMA Urges Ohioans to Protect Their Health from Dangers of Secondhand Smoke: 'Vote NO on Issue 4 and YES on Issue 5'10/31/2006
Gov. Taft: Vote for smoke-free Ohio10/30/2006
The smoking vote: If both pass, Issue 4 wins10/26/2006
Analysis: The big lie10/16/2006
Smoking-ban battle takes shape in Ohio10/1/2006
Smoke Less initiative will be on November ballot9/28/2006
Backers of limited smoking ban miss signature mark again9/20/2006
Smoking-ban backers to ask top court to keep issue on ballot9/15/2006
Vote uncertain for 2 Ohio plans to ban smoking9/12/2006
A smoke screen at the ballot box?8/9/2006
Smoke Free, Smoke Less Ohio Compete For Votes7/21/2006
Smoking-ban proposals butt heads5/4/2006
Group aims to have smoking ban on Ohio ballot in November, 20064/29/2005
Statewide smoking ban is goal of officials4/25/2005
Will the state Stop the smoke?3/31/2005
ACS launches campaign to make Ohio smoke-free3/16/2005
American Cancer Society to Ohio Lawmakers: Ban Indoor Smoking by May3/11/2005
Health Advocates Launch Drive For Statewide Smoking Ban3/11/2005
EDITORIAL: Another no-smoking state3/7/2005
Judge dismisses suit by bar owners seeking to block enforcement1/27/2005