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Publication Date: 6/17/2016

June 17, 2016

Legislative sessions in many states have adjourned. Legislatures that have not yet adjourned for 2016 are: California, Delaware, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island.

Please email ANR with any new smokefree bills—or anticipated bills that we should keep our eyes open for in 2016—as well as preemption attempts in your state and we will be sure to add them to Preemption Watch.

New preemption fact sheet: ANR recently posted a new fact sheet called The Evolving Face of Preemption, highlights several tactics that are being used to limit or eliminate the ability of communities to adopt smokefree air laws.

ANR tracks pending legislation relating to states' and territories' smokefree air policies as part of the continued fight to prevent preemptive legislation before it can be passed and to overturn preemption in states where it is already in place. Since even a strong bill can become preemptive at any point in the legislative process, it is very important to track even the best bills throughout the entire legislative session and keep a watchful eye out for all attempts to remove local control.

Below is a listing of bills that have been introduced in legislatures thus far. Please visit the and click on the state of your choice to view the summary, text, and status of pending bills.

The new and pending legislative bills are classified below into eight categories to clearly delineate which bills will protect public health and should be supported from those that should be opposed because they do not effectively protect public health, weaken a strong law, or intend to preempt local control. New bills and changes in bill status since the last update appear in bold.

New bills and changes in bill status since the last update appear in bold.

Strong: Bill includes 100% smokefree non-hospitality workplaces and/or restaurants and/or bars; strengthens existing smokefree laws; or repeals preemption.
Weak: Bill includes ventilation, smoking rooms, or other key exemptions.
Weakens: Bill weakens a current strong 100% smokefree law.
Preemptive: Bill contains preemptive language that removes the right to local control.
Vehicles: Bill addresses smoking in vehicles with children present.
Outdoor: Bill primarily addresses smoking in outdoor locations.
Housing: Bill addresses smoking in multi-unit housing.
E-cigarettes: Bill addresses where e-cigarettes can be used.
Marijuana: Bill addresses marijuana use in smokefree spaces.
Other: Bills contain other related provisions and should be watched.

· The following states have strong bills that include 100% smokefree non-hospitality workplaces and/or restaurants and/or bars; OR repeals preemption:

Minnesota: HF3653 (work vehicles)—Session Adjourned; SF3513 (work vehicles)—Session Adjourned
New Jersey: A2936 (casinos); S1517 (casinos)
HB202 (restaurants and bars)Carry over; SB567 (preemption repeal, restaurants and bars)—Carry over; HB682 (preemption repeal, restaurants, bars, and gaming)—Carry over; HB996 (gaming)—Carry over
Rhode Island: SB2383 (gaming)Committee on Special Legislation and Veterans Affairs recommended measure be held for further study

· The following states have weak bills that include ventilation, smoking rooms, size exemptions, or other major faults or exemptions:


· The following states have bills that create exemptions that weaken a current smokefree law:

HB5029 (smoking area exemption)Amended and Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
Minnesota: SF611 (repeals smokefree law)—Session Adjourned
New Jersey:
A617 (e-cigarette lounge exemption); A2057 (cigar bar exemption); A2129 (e-cigarette shop exemption); S531 (research exemption); S1487 (cigar bar exemption); A3439 (cigar bar exemption); A3773 (cigar bar exemption)—Reported out of Assembly Committee, 2nd Reading; A3975 (research exemption)
Ohio: SB295 (smoking club exemption)

· The following states have preemptive bills:

Massachusetts: H1951 (tobacco sales preemption)Accompanied a study order, see H4242; H1950 (tobacco sales preemption)—Accompanied a study order, see H4242

· The following states have bills that address smoking in vehicles when children are present:

Massachusetts: H1976 (vehicles with minors)House and Senate extended reporting date to June 30
Michigan: HB4672 (vehicles with minors)Carry over
New Jersey: A3860 (vehicles with minors)
New York: A01982 (vehicles with minors)—Passed Codes Committee 14-6, referred to Rules Committee; S03155 (vehicles with minors)—Amended and Recommitted to Transportation
Northern Marianas Islands:
HB19-085 (vehicles with minors)
Ohio: SB89 (vehicles with minors)Carry over
Pennsylvania: HB109 (vehicles with minors)Carry over; HB667 (vehicles with minors)—Carry over; SB1032 (vehicles with minors)—Carry over
Rhode Island: SB2765 (vehicle warning)Judiciary Committee recommended measure be held for further study

· The following states have bills primarily addressing smoking in outdoor locations:

California: SB977 (youth sports fields)—Amended and re-referred to Assembly Committee on Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism, and Internet Media; SB1333 (state parks and beaches)—Hearing scheduled for 6/28 in Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife
District of Columbia:
B21-0686 (tobacco free stadiums)
Minnesota: HF4008 (sports stadiums)—Session Adjourned; SF3624 (sports stadiums)—Session Adjourned
New Jersey: A893 (parks and beaches)Amended and passed Senate (24-6) and Assembly (51-6-4); A2428 (state beaches/parks); A2623 (sections state beaches/parks); S1016 (state beaches/parks); S1734 (parks and beaches)—Substituted by A893
New York: A01148 (parks and beaches)Carry over; A01622 (school bus stop)—Carry over; A01732 (distance to doorways)Reported referred to Codes; S01105 (reasonable distance; housing disclosure)—Carry over; S01998 (playgrounds)—Died in Senate, returned to Assembly, ordered to third reading; S03171 (parks and beaches)—Carry over; S03760 (parks)—Carry over; A02326 (college campuses)—Passed Codes and Rules Committees; S04322 (college campuses)—Carry over; A08155 (playgrounds)—Carry over; A09495 (library entrances)—Reported referred to Codes; S06970 (library entrances)—Amended and recommitted to Health Committee
Pennsylvania: HB2126 (school bus stops)

· The following states have bills that address smoking in multi-unit housing:

Massachusetts: H1106 (multi-unit housing)Accompanied a study order, see H4209; H4209 (housing)—Discharged to the committee on House Rules
New Jersey: S1741 (housing)
New York: A00035 (housing disclosure)Reported referred to codes; S01668 (housing disclosure)Amended and recommitted to Health Committee; A06505 (reasonable distance; housing disclosure)—Amended and recommitted to Health Committee; A06548 (housing disclosure)Amend and recommit to Agriculture Committee; A08330—(public housing)—Amended and recommitted to Housing
Rhode Island: SB2624 (public housing)Health and Human Services Committee recommended measure be held for further study

· The following states have bills that address the use of e-cigarettes:

California: SB140 (e-cigarette use)Carry over
Guam: Bill 141-33 (e-cigarette use)—Public hearing scheduled for 5/23
Illinois: HB2404 (use of electronic cigarettes)Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee
Massachusetts: H2050 (e-cigarette use and sales)Accompanied a new draft S2152; S1119 (e-cigarette use and sales)—Accompanied a new draft S2152; S2152 (broad tobacco control bill)Substituted by S2234; S2234 (broad tobacco control bill)Reprinted as amended, see S2269; S2269 (broad tobacco control bill))—Proposed to amend as H4361, passed House Health Care Financing and Rules Committees, referred to Ways and Means Committee; H4361 (broad tobacco control bill)—Proposed text to amend S2269
SF1135 (e-cigarette use)—Session Adjourned; SF1762 (e-cigarette use)—Session Adjourned; HF1183 (e-cigarette use)—Session Adjourned; HF1253 (e-cigarette use)—Session Adjourned; HF2089 (e-cigarette use)—Session Adjourned
New York: A02595 (e-cigarette use)Carry over; S02202 (e-cigarette use)—Carry over; A01496 (e-cigarettes use, tobacco sales from 18 to 21)—Carry over; S04156 (e-cigarette use)—Carry over; A05955 (e-cigarette use)—Passed Assembly 85-58
Ohio: HB221 (e-cigarette use on school property)Carry over
Pennsylvania: HB954 (e-cigarette use in schools)Carry over; HB1189 (e-cigarette use in schools)—Carry over; HB1459 (e-cigarette use)—Carry over
Rhode Island: H7427 (e-cigarette use in schools)—House passed substitute A; H7664 (e-cigarette use)—Placed on House Calendar for 6/17

· The following states have bills that prohibit or allow the smoking of marijuana in smokefree spaces:

California: AB2300 (marijuana use near schools)Passed Assembly on vote of 77-0, sent to Senate
Massachusetts: H1666 (smokefree laws and marijuana)Carry over; H1667 (smokefree laws and marijuana)
New Hampshire: HB473 (veterans' home marijuana use)Carry over

· The following states have other provisions and should be watched:

California: AB1594 (college campuses)—Amended and re-referred to Senate Committee on Appropriations; SB1470 (technical amendment)—Passed Senate on vote of 25-10, sent to Assembly
District of Columbia:
B21-0322 (limit on tobacco bars)Carry over
HB835 (campuses)—Carry over; HB1832 (technical change)—Carry over; HB1833 (technical change)—Carry over; SB1295 (technical change)—Carry over; HB4835 (technical change)Rule 19(a) / Re-referred to Rules Committee; SB2500 (technical change); HB5265 (technical change)
Louisiana: HB218 (school campuses)—Senate adopted and House rejected the Conference Committee Report
Massachusetts: H1954 (tobacco free pharmacies)Accompanied a new draft S2152; S1137 (tobacco free pharmacies)Accompanied a new draft S2152; H4242 (tobacco free pharmacies)—Discharged to the committee on House Rules
New Jersey: A263 (college residences); A2368 (penalty for smokefree violation); S1731 (penalty for smokefree violation)Passed Senate on vote of 30-1, sent to Assembly State and Local Government Committee; S2135 (pharmacies)
New York:
S02920 (tobacco free pharmacies)Carry over; A07206 (day care facilities)—Carry over; A08371 (hotels)—Reported referred to codes
North Carolina: H580 (foster care)Carry over
Pennsylvania: HB1065 (taxis)Carry over
Puerto Rico: PC2409 (procedural issues)—Carry over

Legislation Enacted this Session

Arizona: SB1487 (broad preemption threat)—Signed by Governor
AB7x (workplaces)—Signed by Governor; SB5x (e-cigarette use)—Signed by Governor; AB9x (K-12 school campuses)—Signed by Governor
Bill 143-33 (bars)Became law without Governor's signature
Hawaii: SB305 (health systems property)Signed by Governor
Northern Marianas Islands: SB19-23 (e-cigarette use)—Signed by Governor
U.S. Virgin Islands: 31-0115 (cigar factory exemption)Approved by Governor
Vermont: H0171 (e-cigarette use)—Signed by Governor
Virginia: HB1348 (vehicles with minors)Signed by Governor
Washington: SB6328 (preemption of outdoor e-cigarette use)—Signed by Governor

Summaries of all NEW bills are listed below       

(All other pending bill summaries are on individual state pages on


H4361—(broad tobacco control bill)—An Act to protect youth from the health risks of tobacco and nicotine addiction—Proposed text to amend S2269
This bill broadly expands tobacco control protections: it defines smoking to include the use of e-cigarettes; prohibits the use of tobacco products on the grounds of primary, secondary, and vocational schools; prohibits the sale of tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, at health care institutions and retail establishments that contains a health care institution, such as pharmacies and drug stores; prohibits the sale of tobacco products to people under age 21; prohibits the sale of tobacco products via vending machines; and requires nicotine liquids to be sold in child resistant packaging.
Preemptive: No
Anti-Preemption Clause: No

New Jersey

A3975—(research exemption)—An Act to permit smoking in certain facilities for purpose of medical or scientific health-related research
This bill would create an exemption in the state law to permit smoking in certain facilities for purpose of medical or health-related scientific research.
Preemptive: No
Anti-Preemption Clause: No