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"[T]he Association supports public policies in accordance with the following set of core principals for federal legislation: ...oppose federal preemption of state and local statutes."

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Michigan's workplaces, restaurants, and bars are smokefree!

On May 1, 2010, all of Michigan's non-hospitality workplaces, restaurants, and bars are smokefree. After ten years of debate, Michigan's legislature enacted the smokefree law, which was signed by Governor Granholm on December 18, 2009. Congratulations to all the individuals, organizations, and policymaker champions that helped speak up and take action to achieve this public health victory!

To learn about the new smokefree law, visit MI Department of Health's webpage at or call 1-866-59-SMOKE.

Unfortunately, casino floors were exempted from the law due to politics and gaming industry lobbyists. The law is a historic step forward and will protect the health of millions in Michigan, but it's important to remember that the job is not done yet because it still leaves behind the people MOST exposed to secondhand smoke and MOST in need of a law to ensure clean air in the workplace.

To learn about smokefree efforts in Michigan, visit

Michigan law preempts local governments from enacting smoking restrictions in restaurants and bars, due to a 2001 ruling by a Michigan appeals court. Read more about current tobacco-related legislation in Michigan.

Current tobacco-related statistics are available from the Centers for Disease Control's Tobacco Control State Highlights, 2010.

Michigan's 2016 Legislative Session: January 13 - December 31

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