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News Summaries for Wisconsin
Smoking Ban Bill Smolders in Madison2/3/2008
Doyle wants legislators in session12/10/2007
Smoking ban, autism bill not on Senate special session agenda12/6/2007
Doyle calls on Legislature to pass smoking ban, autism coverage12/3/2007
It's time to clear the air in workplaces11/20/2007
Time is right for state smoking ban11/1/2007
Senate Committee puts off on smoking ban vote9/20/2007
Compromise may be needed on smoking ban9/12/2007
Push continues for anti-smoking initiatives8/14/2007
State smoking ban has support7/4/2007
Capitol hearing on smoking ban draws huge crowd5/31/2007
Doyle pushes statewide smoking ban5/25/2007
Doyle pushes smoking ban5/18/2007
State smoking ban gets a boost; tourism groups join effort to end habit at all workplaces4/19/2007
State smoke ban set for fight; lawmakers to unveil bill seeking limits as tough4/18/2007
Statewide 'smoke-free workplace' bill to be introduced4/17/2007
WI Restaurants Association Support State Wide Smoking Ban3/27/2007
Editorial: Smoking ban coming?3/23/2007
Smoke-Free Workplace Law Makes Sense2/21/2007
Restaurants back state smoking ban2/8/2007
Governor would consider plan that allows smoking in bars2/7/2007
Editorial: Statewide smoking ban should be on Legislature's list1/10/2007
American Cancer Society Wants Wisconsin Smoking Ban8/15/2006
Politicians at local level take strong stand against smoking6/26/2006
Statewide smoking ban snuffed out in Senate5/4/2006
Madison Bar Owners Look for Help8/10/2005
Editorial: Enforcing the ordinance7/12/2005
Smoking bill passes Assembly6/24/2005
Pro-Smoking Bill Reeks of Political Shenanigans6/22/2005
EDITORIAL: Snuff out AB 4146/10/2005
Tavern League of Wisconsin fights July 1 smoking ban6/3/2005
Capitol Watch: Tavern League fights smoking ban5/23/2005
Editorial: Bill takes first step toward workplace smoking ban5/13/2005
Editorial: Enact statewide smoking ban4/26/2005
City To Sell Dudgeon School4/20/2005
Proposed 'Dining Act' has anti-smoking group steaming4/15/2005
EDITORIAL: Keep smoking ordinance authority local4/8/2005
EDITORIAL: Let local folks decide on bans for smoking4/8/2005
State bill would kill local smoking bans4/4/2005
Bill may overrule bar smoking ban3/31/2005
Doyle bans smoking in state buildings, pushes local bans2/15/2005
Smoking ban is old news here2/15/2005